The 23 Project

The List

Here's the official list of 23 things to do in my 23rd year. I'm forgoing New Years Resolutions, and lists of things to do in the summer. I'm going to do my best to accomplish all these goals and hopefully I can have the best year of my life!

1. Run a half-marathon
2. Attend Burning Man
3. Go on 23 dates in 23 hours
4. Audition and perform in a musical
5. Skydive
6. Make Chocolate Chip cookies from scratch
7. Read a Jane Austen novel 
8. Watch all the Star Wars movies
9. Try Absinthe
10. Go noodling
11. See the Grand Canyon
12. Crowd surf
13. Sleep under the stars
14. Become a "regular" somewhere
15. Milk a cow
16. See NYC at Christmastime
17. Learn to drive a stick shift
18. Kiss under the mistletoe
19. Return someone's lost dog to them
20. Be "unplugged" for a weekend
21. Throw my shoes over a telephone line
22. Eat at a fancy restaurant by myself
23. Memorize all the state captials