The 23 Project

the magic number. 

I've always been a chronic bucket list addict. Every year I'd always make a list of things I wanted to do, accomplish, see and experience. Most of the time I would accomplish them, crossing the tasks off my life list forever and being left with the memories  from the fun stuff I got to do. 

But this year - this year is going to be different. I want to document the 23 things on my list. From November to November, I'm going to be experiencing more things than I ever have before and I want to share them with my family and my friends. 

From skydiving to noodling to dating, hopefully I'll survive the process and come out with a year that I'll never forget. 

Look around the site, at my list, watch the videos and of course feel free to contact me if you can help at all with the tasks on my list. Feel free to shoot me an email at any time if I can help with YOUR list. :)

Mal xoxo